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Proposition indécente

Des bidules comme cela y a pas UNE SEMAINE où j'en reçois pas....MARRE!
Et on dis qu'ils ont pas de sous en Afrique? ben alors et ça , c'est QUOI?

Dear sir,
I want to bring to your knowledge of a very lucrative business opportunity,which I will like you to consider as a golden opportunity worth doing. I have some money lodged in a private security vault out side Ghana and I would require your cooperation as a partner to claim it out from the security vault as the beneficiary.

I work with the Central Bank of Ghana as a permanent secretary in the Governor's office; Cash payment Desk and I endorse diplomatic clearance for the diplomats who accompany contractor's funds in cash to seven countries for contract payments.

Presently there are two boxes that contains Thirty four million United States Dollars(34,000,000.00) and in each of the boxes, it contains Seventeen million United States Dollars ($17,000,000.00).

These two boxes was supposed to be for contract payment of one contractor from Dominican Republic, who died but non of his next of kin has come to claim the funds.(ben voyons!) The governor of the Central Bank of Ghana then filled in a paper that I should endorse it for the funds to be returned to the Government treasury. I did not endorse it but rather decided to divert it and moved it out of the country to a private security vault so as to use anyone that will be interested to work with me as a partner and claim the boxes. I have all necessary documents to get the boxes out from the security vault,which I will give to you to qualify you the owner of the boxes. You will then get in touch with the person in charge of the security vault to notify them your coming to pick up the boxes, then you will be informed the country of location of the security vault to enable you prepare yourself for the trip. etc!

Y en a qui ne doutent de rien! absolument de RIEN! Faut croire que ça marche! On en reçoit sans arrêt! Au royaume des gogos, les rêveurs sont rois!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2004
7:16 PM

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