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AVSC News reports on AVSC International's programs and AVSC-supported research worldwide. AVSC News is published four times a year. You can receive AVSC News in the mail by becoming a member of AVSC.

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Winter 2000

A doctor’s story
"A lot of women are interested in tubal ligation," says Dr. Mila Marantan. "They just don't know where and how to avail themselves of it."

Kenya connection
If you had told Edwards that he would be named an honorary Maasai elder before returning to the New York office two years later, he probably wouldn't have believed you.

Private-sector aid for family planning
In the Philippines, USAID's Commercial Market Strategies (CMS) has extended business loans to midwives who offer family planning services, and in Uganda, it has advised three businesses offering employees health insurance for the first time.

Staff spotlight


Recent Issues

Fall 2000
In Nepal, Teens are Experts
Giving at the Office
Ethiopia’s Contraception Crisis
Compliments from the CDC

Summer 2000
Ingredients for Success
Clinic in Moldova Named for AVSC Staff Member
International Groups Feature AVSC Online Course
Improving Quality around the World

Spring 2000
Vasectomy: Toast of the Town
Anne Howat: A Staunch Friend to AVSC
Cervical Cancer in the News
Taking Risks in a Sexuality Training
AVSC Tops Charity Ratings

Winter 1999
Making the Best Choice: Increasing Family Planning Method Choice in Bolivia
Inside AVSC
Preventing Cervical Cancer

Fall 1999
Program Monitors: New Challenges in the Field
Japanese Pill Approval Is Bittersweet
Working from the Ground Up: AVSC's Moldova Program

Summer 1999
Cairo+5: AVSC in the Forefront
Contraceptive Advance
Leaving Machismo Behind

Spring 1999
Exploring the Impact of Domestic Violence on Reproductive Health
Computer-Based Training at AVSC
A New Partner
Improving Quality: One Step at a Time

Winter 1998
Model Minilap Training Program to Go International
Two New Publications Address Quality Improvement
Study Shows Many U.S. Doctors Now Use NSV
Incorporating a Multi-Dimensional Approach to Family Planning
A Loss to the AVSC Community
New Members for AVSC's Board

Fall 1998
Reaching Out to New Clients in Ghana
Meeting the Needs of Adolescents
Dr. Vanessa E. Cullins: Leading AVSC's Technical Services Program
A Boost for Maternal Health in Indonesia
Information Campaign Planned for Kyrgyzstan
Maintaining a Focus on Informed Choice

Summer 1998
Voices of Mongolia
Improving STD Services Worldwide
Infection Prevention Training: Lessons from India

Spring 1998
Why Bolivians Are Talking about Gender Roles
Introducing More Contraceptive Methods in Jordan
High-Tech Solutions in Low-Tech Settings
Expanding the Provider Pool to Increase Access to Services
Cairo Agenda Lives On

Winter 1997
How Couples Choose Vasectomy
Increasing Access to Contraception
Promoting Informed Choice
Quality Improvement: AVSC's Vietnam Program

Fall 1997
Stepping Up Supervision in Tanzania
No-Scalpel Vasectomy Curriculum Now Available
Family Planning Week in Ukraine
Shifts Seen in Counseling Techniques
Mombasa Hosts Workshop on Men As Partners

Summer 1997
New Laws Limit Access to Family Planning in Colombia
Men As Partners
AVSC and Quality of Care
Improving Maternity Care
U.S. Support for International Family Planning Assistance
Ectopic Pregnancy Risk
Norplant Implants
Emergency Contraception

Spring 1997
Low-Tech Innovation Helps Provide Safer Services
Helping AVSC Grow
Cervical Cancer Screening
Men As Partners
Study Results Translate to Better Services

Winter 1996
Contraceptive Use Increases in Russia
Men and Reproductive Health
Congress Again Attacks International Family Planning
New Directions, New Faces at AVSC International
Advertising Increases Demand for Vasectomy

Fall 1996
Choosing Vasectomy: U.S. Clients Discuss Their Decisions
Preventing Cervical Cancer
Reproductive Health Services Increase in Bolivia
Postabortion Contraceptive Services Scarce in Turkey

Summer 1996
U.S. Funding Cuts Challenge Kenya's Growing Programs
Navajo Nation Expands Family Planning Services.
Counseling Training through Videoconferencing
Orienting Egyptian Service Providers to the Needs of High-Risk Women

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