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Winter 1998 Issue (Vol. 36, No. 4)
Selected articles:

Model Minilap Training Program to Go International
By expanding training efforts, a successful female sterilization program in the Dominican Republic is being shared around the world.

Two New Publications Address Quality Improvement
A new AVSC Working Paper and a publication from the Population Council address quality improvement approaches developed by AVSC.

Study Shows Many U.S. Doctors Now Use NSV
An article in the journal Urology discusses the use of this popular male sterilization method in the 10 years since its introduction in the U.S.

Incorporating a Multi-Dimensional Approach to Family Planning
A pair of articles address counseling in STI services and an understanding of reproductive health needs, encompassing the broader approach to family planning service delivery mandated at the Cairo conference.

A Loss to the AVSC Community
AVSC regrets the loss of Dr. Helen Winthrop Edey, a longtime AVSC Board member and champion in the field of family planning.

New Members for AVSC's Board
AVSC welcomes four accomplished colleagues to its Board of Directors.

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