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AVSC and Adolescents

AVSC is concerned with meeting the reproductive health needs of client groups that are often underserved, including adolescents. One of AVSC's distinctive competencies in the reproductive health community is in the provision of technical assistance that helps expand and improve reproductive health and family planning services in clinic-based settings. Adolescents represent an increasing proportion of clients in many settings, including the clinics and hospitals with which we partner worldwide. Some of AVSC's projects that address adolescent needs include the following.

Engaging Adolescents and the Community in Program Planning in Nepal

  • AVSC and the International Center for Research on Women are working on a four-year research project that will address adolescent reproductive health in Nepal using a community-based, client-centered participatory approach. Young people and other important community groups important in their lives will assist in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of services for adolescents. Demonstrating the impact of participation by stakeholders in project design, implementation, and evaluation will lead to lessons for application throughout Nepal and elsewhere. AVSC will design and conduct a survey of existing adolescent services in the project locations and provide technical assistance to in-country partners organizations to plan and carry out program interventions and evaluation activities.

Listening to and Increasing Awareness among Teens in the Former Soviet Union

  • AVSC is working with the Ministry of Health in Ukraine on a pilot project that is exploring community needs in order to better serve adolescents. AVSC has carried out focus groups and in-depth interviews with teenagers, providers, and key informants in communities in Mikolaev, the region with the highest rates for STI and HIV infections in Ukraine. Based on the results of this research, AVSC will work with the local health authorities to design a series of interventions for improving reproductive health service delivery to adolescents.
  • The first National Family Planning Week took place in Ukraine in 1997. Of 600 events, over 200 were for adolescents, including parties, school visits by health workers, and a national essay contest. AVSC worked with the Ministry of Health for six months to help make the activities during National Family Planning Week a reality.
  • In an effort to make young people more aware of the risks of STIs, AVSC worked with a teen center in Russia to develop, field test, and publish a comic book for adolescents on STIs and safer sex. This comic book has been distributed in Russian throughout Eastern Europe.

Collaborating with the Women's Centre of Jamaica Foundation

  • Between 1994 and 1996, AVSC collaborated with the Women's Centre on a three-year project designed to delay first pregnancies among Jamaican teenagers. The program focuses on adolescents at greatest risk for unwanted pregnancy and targets both girls and boys ages 9 to 19. The program offers after-school tutoring, reproductive health and self-esteem seminars, and walk-in counseling clinics. AVSC's role was to provide training and technical assistance to the Women's Centre staff in family planning education and counseling and for the development of a referral system for family planning services.

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