Emerging Issues

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Emerging Issues

For decades, policymakers and family planning providers have focused almost exclusively on adult women and contraception--ignoring men, young women, and the cultural, sexual, and social context of family planning services. Inattention to these client groups and issues--whether due to neglect or controversy--has resulted in family planning services that are less sensitive and responsive to client needs than they should be. Today, may of these subjects are emerging as critical areas of focus for family planning and reproductive health care.
Men As Partners (MAP) in Reproductive Health
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Adolescent Health
Focusing on adolescents || Key facts about adolescents and reproductive health || Guildelines for youth-friendly services || AVSC and adolescents

Sexuality, family planning, and reproductive health || Talking about sexuality in family planning || What can health providers do? || Some practical considerations

What is "gender"? || How do gender biases affect the services clients receive? || How assumptions about gender affect the success of health programs

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