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Men As Partners

Kenya In-Country Workshop
Nairobi, Kenya, July 8-9, 1998

"An ideal male partner is well-informed and caring, communicates effectively with his partner, upholds good morals, and plays a facilitative role in ensuring good health and an improved socioeconomic status for his family and community."
--Workshop results from an exercise defining "The Ideal Male Partner" in Kenya

In May 1997, ten representatives from Kenya attended the first inter-regional workshop on male involvement in sexual and reproductive health hosted by AVSC International in Mombasa, Kenya. The Kenyan participants represented a broad range of disciplines including the public and private sectors, the media, and the donor community. Together with eight other country teams from Africa and Asia, the Kenyan team spent four days working with representatives from other health programs that have successfully attracted and served male clients. By the end of the workshop, they agreed that their priority upon returning to their respective regions was to convene a meeting with key partners in the country to discuss how services for men might ultimately be integrated into existing services in Kenya.

The Men As Partners Workshop held in Nairobi on July 8-9, 1998 included 37 participants from a variety of governmental and non-governmental organizations. They gathered to address the following objectives:

  1. To acquire (or refine) an understanding of the major issues related to men as partners in reproductive health
  2. To share recent research findings, communication activities, and service delivery programs on men and reproductive health in Kenya
  3. To develop a research agenda that addresses local needs related to men as partners
  4. To develop a Information, Education, and Communication strategy, including a plan of action, related to men as partners in reproductive health in Kenya
  5. To develop a strategy and plan of action for incorporating or refining services for men
  6. To commit to at least one project related to men as partners in Kenya as part of a process that will culminate in a sustained national program

Highlights of the results from this workshop include plans to incorporate questions on men's reproductive health into the national Demographic and Health Survey (DHS), to conduct a study on the cost of providing men's services in clinics, and to target companies to give talks to employees about HIV/AIDS policies and men as partners in reproductive health.

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