Counseling the postabortion client: Training for service providers

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Postabortion Care

Counseling the postabortion client:
Training for service providers

AVSC's draft training guide for postabortion care providers was developed based on a review of postabortion counseling literature and on a needs assessment conducted in Indonesia and Colombia. In our exploration of existing postabortion counseling materials, we found that attention was focused almost entirely on the provision of family planning information and methods. During observations of services and interviews with postabortion clients and providers, we identified unmet needs for broader information and for emotional support and improved communication between providers and clients. In response to those needs, we developed a guide that examines the comprehensive counseling needs of postabortion clients.

This training is designed for all providers who interact with clients immediately before, during, and immediately after the treatment procedure—including doctors, nurses, midwives, and others. Rather than full-fledged and traditional counseling models, this approach presents counseling as the continuous provision of support, two-way communication, and attention to the emotional and informational needs of the postabortion client.

Prior to its draft publication, this training was field-tested twice in Indonesia, with extensive revisions made after each test.

Ordering Information

To order a copy of this training guide, either print out and mail our order form or e-mail your request to We request that you provide us with any comments, suggestions, or other feedback following your use of the training guide, so that we may make further adaptations for final publication (the trainer's guide includes observation forms for trainers, participants, and observers).

Please send any other questions or ideas regarding this training guide to

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