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Postabortion Care
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About the Workshop


Each year, unsafe abortion causes an estimated 70,000 deaths around the world, and countless more women suffer injuries and long-term ill effects.

Increasingly, ministries of health and other service-delivery groups are recognizing abortion as a public health problem—one that endangers the lives and well-being of women and consumes valuable resources. In settings where abortion is illegal or legally restricted, postabortion care can save lives, reduce suffering, and help end the cycle of unwanted pregnancy and abortion. Comprehensive postabortion care comprises:

  • Treatment for complications of spontaneous or induced abortion
  • Postabortion family planning counseling and services
  • Linkages between treatment of abortion complications and comprehensive reproductive health care services
To ensure that women have access to postabortion care, these services must be taken "to scale"—that is, high-quality, sustainable postabortion care services must become routine and be integrated into service-delivery systems at a national level.

Although the number of countries interested in improving and expanding postabortion care services is growing, the best approaches for improving these services on a countrywide scale are not yet clearly understood. There is a need to share experiences and identify strategies to move beyond the pilot or introductory phase with long-term plans for ongoing equipment supply, training, staffing, and financing at various levels of health care systems.

Purpose of the Workshop

AVSC International, in collaboration with Ipas, conducted a four-day workshop in Mombasa, Kenya, on May 15-18, 2000, focused on the development of country-specific action plans for taking postabortion care services to scale. Participant teams from different countries around the world exchanged lessons learned and devised strategies for postabortion care expansion in a variety of settings.

The primary purpose of the workshop was for participants to develop action-oriented, locally based strategies to make postabortion care services more widely available in their countries and to strengthen in-country and international alliances that could facilitate the country's capacity to expand postabortion care services.

Teams returned to their countries with action plans that provide blueprints for building high-quality, accessible, and sustainable postabortion programs using currently available tools and approaches. Most emphatically, participants stressed that postabortion care can—and must—be addressed now to stop the global epidemic of unsafe abortion. We must now harness the political will, the resources, and skills to fulfill our obligation to save the lives of women through high-quality postabortion care.

Country Action Plans || Participants || Objectives and Outputs || PAC home

For more information, contact: AVSC Postabortion Care Team, 440 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY 10001 USA. e-mail:

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