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AVSC Working Papers

The purpose of AVSC Working Papers is to capture a record of AVSC's experience and to disseminate the results of AVSC-supported research.

The complete on-line version of each Working Paper is designed for both computer-based viewing and printing (see printing tips). If you would like to receive a printed version by mail, single copies may be ordered free from the Publications page.

Working Papers On-line Viewing Tips:
  • Wait for the page to load completely, before clicking on any links (otherwise you may interrupt the transfer).
  • If the complete Working Paper does not load, press 'reload' on your browser's menu.
  • The file size of each Working Paper is between 35k and 75k (including images)

Working Papers On-Line:

Working Paper #2
The Use of Self-Assessment in Improving the Quality of Family Planning Clinic Operations: The Experience with COPE in Africa. (1992)

Working Paper #3
The Introduction of No-Scalpel Vasectomy in the United States (1988-1992). (1993)

Working Paper #4
Vasectomy in Kenya: The First Steps. (1993)

Working Paper #5
Inreach: Reaching Potential Family Planning Clients within Health Institutions. (1994)

Working Paper #6
The Quinacrine Method of Nonsurgical Sterilization: Report of an Experts Meeting. (1994)

Working Paper #7
Quality Management for Family Planning Services: Practical Experience from Africa. (1995)

Working Paper #8
A Successful National Program for Expanding Vasectomy Services: The Experience of the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social. (1995)

Working Paper #9
Postabortion Women: Factors Influencing Their Family Planning Options. (1995)

Working Paper #10
Facilitative Supervision: A Vital Link in Quality Reproductive Health Service Delivery. (1995)

Working Paper #11
Whole-Site Training: A New Approach to the Organization of Training. (1998)

Working Paper #12
Involving Men As Partners in Reproductive Health: Lessons Learned from Turkey. (1999)

Working Paper #13
The Quality of Care Management Center in Nepal: Improving Services with Limited Resources. (2001)

Working Papers Printing Tips & Notes:
  • If possible, use a laser printer.
  • Each Working Paper will be 10-20 printed pages long.
  • You may need to adjust the page margins in your browser's "page setup" or "print" options in order to print certain wide tables.
  • If the tables are too wide to print in "portrait" format, you may wish to print those pages in "landscape" format.
  • Each Working Paper is one document [Except for #2 and #10, which have a second document for tables]

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